Friday, December 25, 2015

Christians and Christmas disgust me. All the support of the military and Imperialism in the name of "God"

All these people praising the military over and over / nonstop Jesus + military, Jesus + military, God is with you soldier, kill kill kill and keep telling yourself you're good people and holy.

Not one praise to people who work and bring you stuff. Praising military people as if they are barbarians, praising the killing of 3rd world people over oil and the praising of imperialism--praising trained killers who pull a trigger and ending of someone's life who has no fighting chance against you in their own homeland.  This occupation and genocide should be condemned and be an embarrassment to your belief.  But then again this is nothing new for the religious who are professional exploiters and slave masters.

Why don't you people praise a Chinese person that made you your cheap stuff or the truck driver who lives on the road to bring you stuff! Or the carpenter, electrician, and cement worker that built what you live in! Or the poor Middle Easterner who's country you have exploited for resources.. The black race you used as slaves to build your country and the Indians you mass slaughtered in the name of your imperialism and religion.

Here's some images you so called Holy Christians should be showing people of your faith:

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